Carper Insurance New Ownership Announcement

October 13, 2017  Dan Carper started Carper Insurance in 1979, and has worked with customers in the New River Valley for many years.  Carper Insurance is excited to announce that we have a new owner, Scottie Wyatt.  Scottie is from Draper, VA and is a 1998 graduate of Virginia Tech’s Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering.

“When I was searching for a buyer for the agency, it was important that I find a person that would carry on the tradition of treating our customers well.  After a lengthy process of dealing with multiple suitors, I felt Scottie had the best capabilities and background to continue running Carper Insurance for years to come.  I feel very good that Scottie is going to do a lot of great things for our customers and continue the agency for years to come,” said Dan Carper.

” I’ve worked several years in the corporate world, most recently for Tektronix from Beaverton, Oregon managing their East Coast and Canadian sales force.  It’s been my desire for several years to leave the corporate world and own a business.  I’ve evaluated several businesses for purchase in the last five years and none met my requirements.  When I started speaking with Dan and learning about the business he’s built since 1979, it was very exciting and was a perfect match.  Dan has built an excellent company and I am honored to carry on the Carper legacy,” commented Scottie Wyatt.

Dan will continue with Carper Insurance as a consultant for Scottie for several months, then transition to a Producer role in the field.  He is looking forward to focusing his energy working with customers and taking some time off to spend with his family.

The rest of the staff at Carper Insurance, including Sheila Coble, Joyce McGuire, and Alice Cox will remain in their current roles in the company.

“The staff at Carper is part of the secret sauce, and I am thrilled to be leading a team of experienced and great people,” said Scottie.

If you would like to meet Scottie, please call the office and schedule an appointment at 540-953-2383.